UI/UX Design

About the Company

The LATEST is a fast growing new media startup company based in Los Angeles. It is a place to explore what’s new and move things forward. It combines search, news aggregation, commentary and personalization in a brand new way. The goal for the mobile app is to deliver a seamless experience across all channels.

My Role In This Project

To better understand user's needs and goals, I did field research on primary audiences. I interviewed 15 participants and collected online surveys from 30+ participants. I then created persona, flowchart and user journey based on data that I collected. Hi-fidelity prototypes were created for app developers to use in production.

Design Process


Understanding the User

There are 2 types of users. Those who want to read and express their opinions about topics they are interested in and those who simply just enjoying reading personalized news. I crafted 2 personas based on the data.

Provisional Personas

Persona 1: "I love writing and I have awesome things to share!"


Persona2:"I want to stay updated with the news while I am working."


Userflow Walkthrough


IOS Comps