UI/UX Design

About the Company

The LATEST is a fast growing new media startup company based in Los Angeles. It is a place to explore what’s new and move things forward. It combines search, news aggregation, commentary and personalization in a brand new way. The goal for the mobile app is to deliver a seamless experience across all channels.

My Role In This Project

I worked as a product designer, in the design and development phase, I worked closely with marketers, the founder, project managers to brainstorm ideas and define business requiremnts. I studied the users, did research and analysis on competitors to gain more insights on strengths and weakness of other companies. I interviewed 15 participants and collected online surveys from 30+ participants. I then created persona, flowchart based on data that I collected. Hi-fidelity prototypes were created for app developers to use in production.

Design Process


Understanding the User

After gathering business requirements and completing interviews with stakeholders and potential users, we decided to focus on 2 types of users. First group of users are people who want to read and express their opinions about topics they are interested in. Second group of users are people who simply enjoy reading personalized news on the go. Below are 2 personas I designed for these 2 groups of users.

Provisional Personas

Persona1: "I love writing and I have awesome things to share!"


Persona2: "I want to stay updated with the news while I’m working, also be able to listen to the podcast within the app, it keeps me entertained when I commute to work."


Userflow Walkthrough



Wireframes were created based on data I collected from stakeholders as well as from users. These wireframes were used for first round of user flow testing. We also received some valuble suggestions in this phase.

4 out of 6 people prefered version A than B and expressed that the news display page looks better on version A and it's more aligned with the website.

Version A


Version B


IOS Comps

User Tasks / Goals

In this phase all team members worked together to generate tasks ideas and goals for next round of usability test on functional prototypes.


Usability Tests & Results

6 participants were joined in usability test session. 3 tasks were given to complete.

  • Find specific content, button
  • Signup and started to write
  • Browse the app and follow some contributors
  • Update your interest preferences

Post test questions

  • What was the most confusing part of this test?
  • Would you continue using this product?
  • How would you describe this product to someone?


Final Redesign

I incorporated these feedback to the redesign. Added font adjustable button, made important content visible by doing card sorting with users. User will also be able to see their browsing history in the new design.