UX Research + Development

About the project

The app will help drivers find the nearest parking lot, parking meters around them. Based on the zip code or the current location they share, the app will find the nearest parking lots, meters and list them on a map, which users can tap on each one of them to check the price and get directions. If they park at the meter, the app will automatically send push notifications to users and remind them of how many minutes until the meter expires. Another feature the app does is it allows users to snap a street parking restriction sign and the app will check if it is safe to park at that spot.This project is still being developed, but you can see my work details below.

Project goal

I believe people who live in big cities like Los Angeles have experienced hectic parking situation. In Los Angeles, a lot of streets require a parking permit, also street parking meters are limited in every area. The purpose of this app is to make parking easier and save drivers’ time, money. The app aims to make people's lives easier through utilizing the advancements in technology and location locating systems. The app will find the nearest parking lot and parking meters based on user's zip code, which will save users plenty of time and effort.

Step 1 — Survey


Survey were created using google form. There were 25 people participated. I organized the results into an infographic. Here is a link to the actual responses summary.

Step 2 — Create a Business Model

Business Model

Step 3 —The Audience

Primary audiences are people who live or go to school, work in a busy area, in particular cities like Santa Monica, West Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. Secondary audiences are people who drive to busy areas where parking is an issue and people who travel to Los Angeles and are not familiar with the area they stay in. Below are detailed persona, userflow and user journey map.


Step 4 —Flow Chart & Journey Map

User Journey

Step 4 — High Fidelity Prototype